Playing Evil Twin nowadays

You can play Evil Twin through emulation or the original Windows version. The most comfortable way to play the game is the PCSX 2 one. You'll get widescreen, saves-states and modern controller support out of the box.


On Mac, Linux or Android, the easiest way is the Dreamcast or Playstation 2 version. For the Dreamcast, Redream support the game from start to end. Despite being the inferior version of the game, if you're running on a low-end computer, it's a good option.

On PCSX2 you'll get the best experience. The game is really close to the Windows version, plus widescreen, plus saves states, plus modern controller support. And now there is a good edition for mac.

The Windows version

You can still play on Windows 10. It's not that tricky. Install the game, the update 1 and the no-cd (because Windows doesn't support theses DRM anymore...). Set all .exe from the game folder on "Windows XP compatibility mode".

If you want to play on a higher resolution than 1024x768, you'll need dgVoodoo 2.

Modern controllers needs Xidi.

There is only one strange thing, the widescreen hexedit hack doesn't work anymore.